b'22 Storage Storage 23sleawn ted teeth nc r foorm tipgahctetloecskiginng vine tie fordoutdoorsQ Knot Pro Q Knot OutdoorHeavy-Duty Reusable Cable TiesReusable Cable / Vine Tie for OutdoorDecluttering in the workshop and garage is a tough job, so get aEven the great outdoors needs an organizing solution!Now tough cable tie to match.With its slanted teeth design, the Q Knotdesigned especially for outdoor jobs, the Q Knot Outdoor is made Pro wrangles those tougher and stiffer bundles with ease. with high premium rubber that can withstand weather.Not only is it a cable tie, but it also can be used to bundle and tie vines and small Slanted teeth improves the grip for a more secure lock plants.Perfect for handling power tool cables, jumper cables, and otherDesigned for outdoor and garden use with premium weather-bundles found in the workshop and garage resistant rubberReusable rubber ties that can endure repeated use Multipurpose tie for tying small plants, tomato vines, outdoor cables, unused soil bags, and moreStretchable and flexible for easy organizationSoft rubber material good for bundling and tying without damaging Patented product surfacesReusable rubber ties that can endure repeated useItem #: UTW-QKP25-01 Non-slip gripping teeth with a smart self-locking design ensures Product List# (P.40): 17a secure wrapSize: S / M / L PET RecyclableColor: White, Green, & Black Sealed BagsItem #: UTW-QK20-GNProduct List# (P.40): 18Size: 7 inch PETBlisterColor: Green Recyclable PackSealed BagsUT Wire Cataloglwww.ut-wire.com www.ut-wire.comlUT Wire Catalog'