b'28 Storage Mounting 29peel, stick,& staymagneticlockingpowerSpeedy-Wrap D-WingsMagnetic Cable Wrap Nail-Free Cord Clips Wrap anything quickly and easily with the Speedy-Wrap!Its smallD-Wings are cord organizers to hold and guide loose cords across and compact and will handle the toughest of jobs, from toughany flat surface, such as walls or desks. Simply peel, stick, and stay. extension cords to jumper cables.With magnetic locking power, theUse it for audio / video cords, chargers, lighting cords, power cables, Speedy-Wrap wraps cords easily.holiday lights, etc. Easy to use with just one hand to slap and wrap Keep cords out of the way and away from the floor Magnetic locking securely holds cords in place Soft opening slit makes it easy to insert and remove cords Stores compactly, but handles small appliances, hair dryers,Guide and hold cords around corners, edges, or curvesextension cords, and more Comes with double-sided adhesive tape to prevent nail holes on Holds medium group of cords 1.251.75 inches in diameter surfacesPaintable to match with decor Item #: UTW-SWM2-GYPatented ProductProduct List# (P.40): 28SIZE: 20 & 10 inch bands PrintedItem #: UTW-9D12-WH/BKChipboardCOLOR: Green (20 inch) & Grey (10 inch)UTW-12D12-WH/BKUTW-D18-WH/BK PET RecyclableProduct List# (P.40): 29 - 34 Sealed BagsSize: 0.375 & 0.5 inch diameterColor: Black & Paintable White UT Wire Cataloglwww.ut-wire.com www.ut-wire.comlUT Wire Catalog'