b'32 Wall Concealers Wall Concealers 33coenwc eal cords ncolomnpga tchte walladesignone product,two usesCord Channel CordlineCord Cover for the Wall2-Way Cord ChannelMETHOD 1The Cord Channel allows you to easily organize and conceal cordsCordline is one product that can be used in two ways. Use it as on the wall. Add or remove cables without complicated proceduresa small-capacity cord channel to conceal and organize smaller and easily access cords with the flexible opening. Its great for bothgroupings of cords. Convert it into a large-capacity cord channel for home and office settings.larger groupings of cords on the wall.Easy to mount on your wall using 3M double-sided foam tape thatConvert Cordline to fit different volumes of cords when needed is provided Hide unsightly cords or cables on the wall for wall-mounted Add or remove cords in the future from the slit withouttelevisions, wall lighting, phones, speakers, etc. complicated proceduresEasily access cords to add or remove when needed Flexible material makes installation simple to do. Simply adjust the length of the Cord Channel using a pair of scissors. Made from soft rubber that is easy to cut to desired length and mount on the wall with the double-sided tape included Extend single cords from the channel midway from the frontMETHOD 2opening if you need to re-route to different location or to plug toPaintable to match your wall coloran electrical outlet Paintable to match with decor Item #: UTW-CL8-WHProduct List# (P.40): 38Item #: UTW-CC1001-WH Size: 8 feet Double-SidedColorAdhesive Tape BoxProduct List# (P.40): 37 Color: Paintable WhiteDouble-SidedColorSize: 10 feet Adhesive Tape BoxColor: Paintable WhiteUT Wire Cataloglwww.ut-wire.com www.ut-wire.comlUT Wire Catalog'