b'36 Floor Covers Floor Covers 37pewel , stick,flexiblenco smtapyact bundling&designCable Blanket Flexi Cable WrapLow Profile Cord Protector Expandable Cable WrapThe Cable Blanket protects cords on the ground and keeps floorExpandable Flexi Cable Wrap wraps around bundles of cables or areas clear and safe.This adhesive-ready cord protector installs likecords to keep them organized. No complicated tools are needed for duct tape.Simply peel and stick over cords.No more tripping oninstallation. Its a smart expandable system that easily self wraps and loose cords across the floor.conforms to bundle cords. Flexible capacity to fit as many (or as little) cables as needed whileOverlapping wrap that is expandable for either small or large keeping the lowest profile possible groupings of cords. Expandable diameter 0.5 - 01 inch. Fits up to 10 ethernet cables or 5 power strip cables Soft and flexible rubber material that is easy to insert cords without plastic cuts. Easily adjust the length with a pair of scissorsAllows cables to breakout and reroute midway.Adhesive-ready for simple installationCut to desired length with a pair of scissors to wrap either the Sticks to short pile carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, tile, stone, andentire length or sections of cords.concretePatented productItem #: UTW-CPL5-GY/BGProduct List# (P.40): 47 - 48 Item #: UTW-FCW8-BKDouble-SidedColorSize: 5 feetAdhesive Tape Box UTW-FCW12-BK/WHColor: Dark Grey & Beige Product List# (P.40): 49 - 51 PETColorRecyclable BoxSize: 8 & 12 feet Sealed BagsColor: Black & WhiteUT Wire Cataloglwww.ut-wire.com www.ut-wire.comlUT Wire Catalog'